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Nickname: Tio
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Plain Gray Divider by neripixu
Plain Gray Divider by neripixu
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Tagara Pack

Wasteland Pack

Remus John Lupin 25061 by TotemSpirit

Sleik Pack
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#3 Comment Proof
Male, Barbary Mane
Average - Healthy
Marked collared greying tundra with accents and pangare
Hereditary Traits:
Excellent Conformation

#5 Comment Proof
Female, Half Mane
Average - Healthy
Marked collared greying black piebald with accents
#3 Comment Proof

Tagara Pack
Tagara Pack

A pack located in a hunting zone very high up in the mountains. They made a deal with the Hunting zone's owner and now are mutual allies.
Gale and Eldred are noticing that Tulko is changing. Iniro's Violent behaviour may have changed Tulko forever.


Iniro The Gasher :icontransparentplz:Tonaya Rust Jay :icontransparentplz:Eldred Ranco


Anemira Silbagale :icontranspar
Wasteland Pack
Wasteland Pack

A small group of human experiments and wanderers. This pack is very in tune and relaxed with each other. Their homeland was a bustling Human metropolis all but abandoned.
They scour the land and try to learn more about what happened. Trying to make sense of human technology can end up in some rather interesting situations.
They treat each other as family as they try to cope from their past "Owners".

Handler: Ashara

Ashara is but only a lion with a soft heart. Early on she discovered Dalto and Nuka, she knew these pups couldn't last a
second in the wild so she began to teach them how to hunt.
She is sarcastic and sly, as what you'd expect from a feline. But the pack trusts her fully and she is heavily devoted to them all. 

Completely Neutral
#1 Level heade
Sleik Pack
Sleik Pack

This pack was carefully crafted by their handler. They are all incredibly efficient and highly skilled Tokotas.
Some of these Tokota's were once wild and are still given their freedoms to roam the wilds like they once had.
The group overall is dark and holds questionable motives.
While violent and aggressive they tend to act for good but demand to be left alone.


He closely guards an incredibly dark forest nearby. Fires, violent attacks from other creatures and poachers are common place. His methods are strange and secretive but with good intentions.
He and his Tokota's are seen as the Late Night protection but are to be feared and never to cross them.

Brado Pack
Brado Pack

With a very kindhearted owner, this pack is very in tune with spirits and Nature.
Their handler has rescued many many tokotas and in return these tokotas are very loyal and protective.
He sometimes delves in competitions and events but usually just prefers being out in nature.


      Anakara Varmlaw        Leinta Castanei       No-Name-Yet
Vaio Pack
Vaio Pack

A mostly halfmane pack. Tough and prideful. The pack is strong and well rehearsed. The Alphas are headstrong and like to be very clear about land boundaries. The spotted merrel feels out of place with her much more-quiet and less destructive demeanor.

Both equally a fierce fight and demand respect.


Solitude Pack
Solitude Pack

A small pack consisting of 3 Tokotas. A very quiet female recently joined their ranks, they try their best to welcome her with mixed results.
Try as they might they just can't seem to ease her fears. The land is always snowy and desolate, yet oddly Nakura always leaves behind mountains of food and sneaks off again.


#1 Bulky, strong, slightly "slow" but not "dumb"
#2 Calm, talkative, well spoken, older than rest
#3 Open Hearted, well spoken, sly, proud of "looks"
#4 Skitish, fearful, longing, secretive, nearly mute

Andile Silverwind :icontransparentplz:Tonaya Rust Jay :icontransparentplz:Eldred Ranco




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